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first of all: Many thanks to everyone who took part in the small survey for this newsletter. That helped me a lot to get to know you better and to know what you hope for from this project. I've published the answers to the survey and some changes I want to make in my blog. Also you can now rate each issue individually and give me feedback. You can find the link at the end of this mail.

Before you go through my links you will find three recommendations that are important to me:

Over 20 scientists and technologists have published together a 97-page (!) paper describing how Artificial Intelligence can help overcome the challenge of the climate crisis. There is also a workshop, the recordings of which can be freely accessed. I really want to recommend this paper to you, because it doesn't just describe whether AI can help or not, but suggests concrete actions and even describes their effects and risks. Take the time to read it.

Now something entertaining for rainy summer evenings: Grist presents 8 environmental documentaries that are really worth every minute.

Last but not least for the German speakers of you: Greenpeace Germany asked me a few questions in their podcast about what the internet has to do with the climate crisis and how we can make the web greener.

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